Workshops in Ljubljana were held in the last semester

Just Look Around the Corner

Faculty of Architecture, mentor: Prof Tomaž Novljan, PhD


Street is one of the main actors in urban pulsation and urban space. It is a communication line – in material and immaterial sense. Each one is different, individual - wide or narrow, with more or less traffic, more or less interesting - depending on from where it comes and where it leads, what is going on in it. Some of them are neglected - because of their location, by mistake, even if they are beautiful. As if somebody would ‘cross them out’. One of such streets is Križevniška Street in Ljubljana. At the south it leads to an ‘offence’ – to the crossing of Zoisova Road. But on its other end we can glimpse into a beautiful garden, identified in our minds also with artistic light installations presented at the Lighting Guerrilla Festival.

The existing window frames in this façade enable the view of the garden from five angles, they will have the main role during the festival, acting as a kind of interface between the public space of the street and the semi-public space of the garden, while at the same time being a sort of lighting magnet investing this part of the Križevniška Street with a little more ‘urban’ character.

Co-produced by Faculty of Architecture and Festival Ljubljana.


Artists: Neca Falk, Ana Jagodic, Gregor Maver, Matej Marinček

15th - 29th June 2013, Courtyard of Slovene Ethnographic Museum

Passages are symbols of a museum, an institution which manifests the passing of time, historical ages, life periods, yearly cycles … in between the material, the social and the spiritual.

AVA presented five installations created by students of three generations.

Ana Jagodic: The Third Rule – This interactive installation is based on the research of physical laws of the universe that function on the principle of action-reaction. Gregor Maver: Liberal Utopia – Video installation based on light and its absence, which enables a real-time ‘concurrent existence’ in different time zones and symbolic passages from one continent to another. Matej Marinček: Genesis – The artist searches for passages in the advancement of our consciousness and in relation to history and culture; this advancement is represented by balls arranged in order of height and an evolving human figure momentarily exposed inside of them by means of photo-flash. Neca Falk: Passage – Video installation placed at the entrance to the museum; it allows for the duality of passage, both in the metaphysical sense as well as in actual, physical passing from one reality to another.

Co-produced by AVA and Slovene Ethnographic Museum.


Academy of Design

28th May 29th June 2013, Francoske Revolucije Square

Why is it that a firefly shines? Supposedly, to attract an appropriate partner. So is this a natural visual communication? The world has been flooded with gadgets; communication and relationships are continuous, but mediated (online); each of us withdraws increasingly into his/herown world; we are becoming more and more alienated and lonely. On the contrary, the condition of a real, actual, lively communication is to see, hear, feel, and touch each other. The object created by students of the 3rd grade at the department for Visual Communication and Interior Design under the mentorship of Kiki Klimt and Ivo Koritnik was inviting public from the everyday routine into making contacts and connections.

Co-produced by Academy of Design.


Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Artists: Špela Roblek, Klara Kotnik, Marjeta Baričevič, Neža Knez, Tin Švagelj, Anže Sever, Tomo Stanič, Staš Vrenko And Tanja Sabol

Mentor: Jože Barši

28th May – 29 June 2013, Ljubljana

This street intervention was based on the unexpected interaction of the passer-by with sensors connected with lights. Each lamp turns out 10 seconds after switching on, and thus all the installed lamps successively illuminate the entire path that the passer-by makes through the passageway. The lights are accompanied by inarticulate sounds. The experience is very real and direct, since the surroundings react exclusively on the movements of the passer-by, and he/she can only get out of the light when leaving the passageway. We explore the issues of control and monitoring, but also the reactions of people to the impulses from their surroundings. The minimal installation is unnoticeable at the first sight, but it drives the passer-by into a cascade of intense instant experiences.

Co-produced by Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

Sea of Light


Workshop and Screening
Workshop 22th June + Sunday 23th June 2013, 10am-1pm + 2.30-5.30pm, KC Tobačna
Screening 12th Oct. 2013, Mestni muzej Ljubljana / City museum of Ljubljana

Sea of Light is dealing with lighting interactions in public space. Workshops for kids older than 9 years, led by the Ocubo group, were held in Estonia, Latvia, Portugal and Slovenia, aiming at artistic creativity, acquaintance with interactive artistic platforms, introduction to concepts and artistic methods of new lighting systems. Participants created two- or three-dimensional mapping animations, which resulted in four original video projections.

Co-produced by KC Tobačna 001/MGML

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