Andrej Štular

Ljubljana, 15th – 29 June 2013, SEM administration building

At the occasion of its 90th anniversary, the Slovene Ethnographical Museum (SEM) joined forces with Lighting Guerrilla and AVA Academy. Two projects will be opened on the Museum Summer Night: Family by Andrej Štular and Passages by students of AVA.

In his Family, Štular creates a unique topography using different expressive means and including images of faces from different cultures. The multi-layered paintings-objects are like copies from his sketchbook. They seem to be created on the spur of the moment, and they present unrestrained fragments of the artist’s daily life. The general atmosphere of every painting also reveals accidental bits of rationally organised reality. Outlines, indexes, charts, nets, ground plans predominate in the ‘daily’ version of the painting. In the dark night, however, when the rational gives way to the sublime, the paintings show and glow with ‘fortuitous’ strokes of the medium.

Co-produced by Slovene Ethnographic Museum.

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