Dan Adlešič, Tilen Sepič and Matic Potočnik

“Form from Form”

Ljubljana, 28 May – 29 June, Vžigalica Gallery

Visitors are optically registered by Kinect, a motion sensing input device forming part of the physical interface of the Form from Form installation; in a return loop it projects a virtual 3D meshwork onto a man, thus deleting the borders between the online virtual body and the offline physical body. The spatial submergence into the hybrid environment creates an experience of enhanced reality, in which the perception of one’s own physical state is radically changed. The space is filled with sounds reacting to the density level of the 3D meshwork. The lighting net - when looked from outside - shows only in outlines, as an apparent hologram without distinctive specific features. Such kidnapping of individuality presents the absence of the body on the web, or the inability to link the web identity with the off-line person, which in extreme cases causes unrestricted asocial behaviour on the web. The physical interface stimulates distinctions between forms despite their apparent similarities.

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