Hamo Čavrk

“Carta Incognita”

Ljubljana, 28 May – 29 June, Vžigalica Gallery

Čavrk presents one of his recent works from the on-going Carta Incognita series, which began as a graphic folder, while recently the artist has widened and enriched its formative elements through the active use of light, sound and video projections (only at openings).

“The style of Carta Incognita sources from the heritage of abstract geometrism, and its creation was prompted by the artist’s interest in the topography of earth’s meridians and parallels. These have stimulated his imagination together with the possibilities of travel and movement across different spaces approached and explored primarily as transcendental. Even early graphic works in this series clearly show an essential formative groundwork that is still present (with certain modifications) in his current works: glowing lines or blunt stripes cut the visual field from different angles and distances, so that the field seems to be inhabited by traces of pulsating movement; predominantly monochromatic textures of diverse strength and tone modalities create net-like optical structures with dense intersections departing to infinity.” (Fragments of Matjaž Brulc’s text for the exhibition in the Simulaker Gallery, Novo Mesto, 2012.)

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