“Galanterie Mécanique”

11 June – 14 July, Škuc Gallery // exhibition and performances

“A symphony of kinetic objects, video, performance and music. A homogenous spatial whole revealing the contemplation about the relationship between man and machine, the collaboration and co-operation between individuals, and the position of an individual within wider social relations. The artists create a working system, a complex living mechanism composed of small machines, their big shadows, performers, sound and video, all of which unite in an organic whole. Every element has to contribute if the whole system is to function and persist. Galanterie Mecanique is a vision of co-existence of equal and solidary actors prepared to serve each other and thus to sustain movement and existence of the shared environment.” (Žiga Dobnikar, from the accompanying text.)

Co-produced by Škuc Gallery, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Museum of Modern Art.

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