Leonardo Meigu

“Hartmann grid”


The Hartmann Grid, a light installation created by Estonian artists, is laid out in a strictly defined pattern, in line with the energy channels of the terrestrial geomagnetic field theory proposed by German physician, Professor Ernst Hartmann.
As visitors pass through the lighting, they will change colour in line with variations in the earth’s geomagnetic field, to the accompaniment of appropriate music.
The aim of the Hartmann Grid is to show that humanity’s being and existence has always been accompanied by natural forces and their influence, the presence of which continues to be felt in our daily lives.
The Hartmann Grid theory states that the planet possesses energy channels: north-south lines every 2 meters and east-west lines every 2.50 meters.
The light installation has been constructed in line with this theory, giving it a visually pleasing, but conceptually somewhat mystical appearance.

Project concept: Leonardo Meigu, Estonia; composer, Svens Grūnbergs
Project developer: Tallinn Festival of Light, I Did It association, Make Art association
Project financed by Rīga City Council, EU SPECTRUM project co-financing

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