Spectrum - Light Interaction in Public Spaces, is a succession of four European Light Festivals, each one exploring light as an aesthetic and technical medium, the beauty and benefits that its advancement can bring. The programme is a transnational production, with partnership collaboration between Portugal, Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia, with each partner organization having a substantial responsibility in the production and development of the project.

The light artists of the countries involved have created specific light facilities at the place, inspired by cultural heritage, by the art and architecture of the participating cities and countries. In close collaboration with the local communities and art students, they have promoted the dissemination and teaching of the use of new lighting technologies. By creating unique installations and by sharing their experiences, the artists demonstrated the benefits and opportunities that the new technology brings.

The four Light Festivals aim to reach a new public and interact with thousands of EU citizens. It offers them an active role in the cultural experience and gives the interested general public and professionals, new knowledge and ideas through different seminars, workshops, exhibitions and laboratories.
A website has been created to present the final works made by the artists, together with the public and EU citizens in the public space, making it possible to have an open window to the EU and to all countries in the world.


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