“The Trap”


In 2010 for the project The Nocturnal Readings in the Park, with which Svetlobna gverila was inviting people to public readings in the evenings, Marko Crnobrnja (from the Štap i Kanap redesign studio based in Belgrade, Serbia) created a trap for readers.

"In times when publishing is in crisis and when books undeservedly lose power, readers too are losing chances to fight back. Unfortunately, books cannot survive without them, and readers are not aware that they cannot go on without them. That is why we decided to help the books and created a trap for readers as it seems that a trap is the only way for the book to end up in the hands of readers." Marko Crnobrnja (Štap i Kanap studio)

The trap on symbolic way presents the situation in which books are.  

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